Top 3 curiosities about Stranger Things season 4 + Bonus

May 23 , 2022


Top 3 curiosities about Stranger Things season 4 + Bonus

Stranger Things fanatics all over the world, make some noise!

In just a few days, 5 if we want to be precise, the penultimate season of this very famous Netflix series will be out!

Many of us are looking forward to season 4 and all the news and twists that it will bring us. But how many of you have discovered these three little gems in the third series of Stranger Things?

Let's see them together:

- In the sixth episode of season 3, a phone number used to contact a person (don't worry, there are no spoilers in case you have yet to watch season 3); well, if you dial the number in the series (625-8313), this number it’s a real number and the answering machine of the person called in the series will answer you;

- The 'New Coke' drink mentioned in several episodes really existed and was drunk by the protagonists of Stranger Things. It was created in 1985 and sold to traders as the new Coca-Cola recipe, it only lasted 79 days on the market given the various negative reviews from people who tried it;

- This is the last and it is the most curious: one of the protagonists in a scene wears a cap with the words 'Ceramiche Ariostea' on it. 'Ceramiche Ariostea' was an Italian sponsor who sponsored cycling races born in Emilia Romagna (Italian region).

Have you discovered any others? Let us know in the comments!


Now here’s a big spoiler bonus!

'We find ourselves inside a secret base in Kamchatka. Two guards go through some cells. "No, not the American," says one of the guards. '

Yes, we are talking about the post-credit scene of Stranger Things season 3; 'but who will be locked up in that cell?' is the question we asked ourselves repeatedly. Maybe we have the answer.

The most common and sensible hypothesis is that it is Jim Hopper.

Hopper may have been stuck in 'another dimension' after the explosion and therefore his sacrifice, later recovered by the Russians and imprisoned for testing.

What do you think? Will it really be him?

We leave you with this question in mind and we will wait together for the answer in the fourth season of Stranger Things.

See you next time!

The Popgear Team

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