Suicide Squad: Bad Blood

Jan 31 , 2022


Suicide Squad: Bad Blood

In the first volume of the Suicide Squad: Bad Blood comic we find a large formation from Task Force X.

There is the insane Harley Quinn, the infallible sniper Deadshot, Shark and Magpie who must stop the super-terrorists known as 'Revolutionaries'.

Do you want to get to know some of the characters in this story better? Here are their origins in comics.

Harley Quinn

The woman worked as an intern at the Arkham Asylum in Gotham City and begins to get closer and closer to one of her patience, that is Joker.

From there the two embark on a really complicated relationship given the conflicting motivations of their respective characters. Joker manages to devise ways to manipulate Harley Quinn for his selfish interests, even if there is a real romantic connection.

From there the figure of Batman also begins to take over.

Harley is, so, stuck in the middle of these two powerful Gotham personalities, unsure how to proceed given her emotional interest in the Joker.



The son of a wealthy family, Floyd Lawton found interest in firearms as a child, thanks to a friend of his father who was part of the FBI.

At the age of 5, Floyd began using the pistol and immediately demonstrated unique skills as a sniper.

He continued to train with various firearms and at the age of majority he enlisted in the Marines.

After the army Floyd returned to Gotham City where he decided to take on the role of the 'hero' Deadshot; a ploy used to climb the racketeering market in Gotham City.

Lawton would have made it if Batman hadn't interfered in his affairs and he hadn't been taken to Arkham Asylum.

Soon after, he was hired by Amanda Weller as a member of the Suicide Squad.


His father was the Shark God and many DC Comics characters thought he was the result of a genetic mutation. Established that the Shark King was indeed the king of sharks, it was also discovered that he was the cause of millions of disappearances in Hawaii.

After various vicissitudes (and arrests), Shark was led by the old Aquaman (who had been changed for unknown reasons) and is hired by him to help the new Aquaman accept his role.

Although Shark seems hesitant, he will fulfill his role perfectly, helping the young man on his journey.



Since she was a child Margaret Pye loved sparkling things and for this reason she was bullied by her peers and called Magpie.

This obsession grew with her until he realized that he could not own all the glittering things of Gotham City; this fact broke something in her mental stability and he began her career as a criminal under the name of Magpie.

Unfortunately she was the first villain to be captured by the Batman-Superman team.

The comic is written by Tom Taylor and artist Bruno Redondo.

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