Orphan: First Kill - What to expect

Aug 19 , 2022


Orphan: First Kill - What to expect


After 13 years since the first chapter of the film ‘Orphan’, the prequel hits theatres on August 19th.

'Orphan: First Kill' features the family who fell victim to the 'evil child' prior to the events that occurred in the 2009 film.

But before discovering the news of this new film, let's make a brief recap of what happened in the first chapter.

Kate Coleman and her husband John lose their third daughter to complications at birth and Kate falls into depression and starts drinking until she ends up in an alcohol rehabilitation centre.

After a while, when Kate returns home, she and her husband decide to make up for the missing daughter by adopting a third child from the orphanage; the two are fascinated by a nine-year-old Russian girl named Esther Klammer and decide to take her home with them.

Once in their beautiful home, deaf little Max seems to be welcoming of the new little sister, while Daniel has a more contentious relationship with this 'half-sister'.

At first Esther looks like a little girl like many others, but in reality, there is more to: Daniel is playing paintball, he hurts a pigeon and Esther unhesitatingly gives the poor animal the coup de grace with a stone.

This is just the beginning of many episodes and incidents that will concern Esther, because in reality this girl carries a dark secret.


Storyline 'Orphan: First kill’

‘Orphan: First Kill’ follows the adolescence of Leena Klammer (again played by the talented Isabelle Fuhrman), the woman with pituitary dwarfism.

Leena spent her youth in a mental institution.

After killing seven people, she escaped from the institution and travels to America.

The woman manages to be adopted by a wealthy couple; This time, however, Leena has to deal with "her mother", who has since found out who she really is.

With these premises, we can only expect another great horror!


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