Money Heist - Korean "surprise"

Dec 03 , 2021


Money Heist - Korean "surprise"

A few days ago, after the release of the titles of the episodes of the last season of Money Heist, Netflix surprised us again with another big news: the Korean remake of this series, starring Park Hae-Soo – face known to ‘Squid Game’ fans- is coming.

You may be wondering which character this fantastic actor will play and we are here to satisfy your curiosity: he will play Berlin, which in the original version of the series is played by Pedro Alonso.


Money Heist, or ‘La Casa de Papel’, is undoubtedly one of the most followed series produced by Netflix in recent years; fans were impressed with the plot and character development, so it was clear that sooner or later a remake of this series would come.

We don’t know yet if the plot of this remake will follow the original script or if will be an original brand new story.

For now the Korean remake of Money Heist is still on production and its premiere is scheduled for 2022.

money heist cast

We can’t wait to see the results of this collaboration between BH Entertainment and Netflix!

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