'Locke & Key' comic review

Aug 22 , 2022


'Locke & Key' comic review

In latest years, Netflix series have been extremely successful because they are based on or inspired by comics. Among them we have "Locke and Key".

The series is based on the famous comic which was created by Joe Hill – son of the horror master, Stephen King - and illustrated by Gabriel Rodríguez.

For those unfamiliar with the story, the comic tells the story of the Locke family finding mysterious keys when they move to Lovecraft after two boys, out of insanity kill the Locke's father and try to kill the rest of the family as well.

The youngest of the family, Bode, is the first to find one of the keys and notice their property, but the other two older brothers (Tyler and Kinsey) are busy integrating into the new school for the first time and making new friends.

Among the powers of the keys that Bode will find, the most used will be the keys with the power to: bring people back to life, obtain superhuman strength, change gender and open the head to alter or eradicate memories.


The world created by Hill and Rodríguez is so vast that with the release of the 7th volume we discover the origin of Key House (name of the villa where our protagonists move).

At this point we just have to watch the TV series, now available on Netflix!

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