Dolls in horror movies: the terrifying truth

Jan 06 , 2023


Dolls in horror movies: the terrifying truth

Please be warned that some of the content in this article may be disturbing or unsettling to readers under 16 years old. Reader discretion is advised.


Movies sometimes depict dolls as inanimate objects, their blank faces and lack of movement adding to their mysterious appearance. In horror films, dolls are given life through supernatural means, resulting in even greater fright.

Fact 1#: The spirits of a young girl who has died in a fire were said to inhabit a life-size doll made by Albert Lambert in the late 1800s. The doll, called "La Poupée de Margaux", was rumoured to be able to speak and move all by himself. A special ceremony was eventually conducted to burn the doll and remove its spirit.

Chucky, from the Child's Play series, is one of the most well-known dolls in horror films. Chucky is known for his red overalls and scary smile. However, Chucky is not the only doll that has appeared in horror films. The Annabelle doll from the Conjuring movies is also a frightening presence, with its demonic possession causing it to become a source of evil.

Fact 2#: In the early 1900s, a German doll maker named Friedrich Wilhelm made a collection of porcelain dolls rumoured to be cursed. It was said that these dolls could cause accidents, illness and even death to those who owned them. Some of these dolls are believed to still exist and be haunted.


Besides these well-known examples, dolls have also appeared in other horror movies such as Dolls, The Boy, and Dead Silence. In these movies, dolls are used as a way for malevolent spirits to possess something or as a tool to scare people. The use of dolls in horror films can be interpreted as a symbol for the loss of childhood innocence and the potential dangers of ignoring the more negative aspects of human nature.

Fact 3#: In the late 1900s, a doll-maker in the U.S. named Robert the Doll gained notoriety for being cursed. It was said that Robert could cause accidents and mischievous behaviour to those who angered him. The city of Key West, Florida, even issued a “restraining order” against Robert. Robert the doll is still believed to be haunted and can be found in a museum in Key West. If you want to take a picture of Robert the doll, you first have to ask for permission otherwise, Robert will haunt you.

Dolls are not the only unsettling objects that can be found in horror movies. Ventriloquist dummies, clowns, and even inanimate objects such as doll houses and teddy bears have all been used to create a feeling of fear and discomfort in films.

If you enjoy horror movies, make sure to watch out for dolls on the big screen. And remember, not all dolls are innocent playthings – some may hide a darker, more sinister nature.

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