Are you ready for Pokémon Day?

Feb 23 , 2022


Are you ready for Pokémon Day?

February 27th is Pokémon Day and on Twitter it was announced that starting from February the 21st until the 27th, 2022 there will be a series of events dedicated to this brand.

These are the dates and various information we have for now on these events:

- Monday, February 21st: Announcement on Pokémon Masters EX;

- Tuesday February 22nd: Announcement on Pokémon Sword and Shield;

- Wednesday, February 23rd: Announcement on Pokémon Café ReMix;

- Thursday, February 24th: Announcement on Pokémon UNITE;

- Friday February 25th: Announcement on the Music P25 project;

- Saturday February 26th: Announcement on Pokémon GO;

- Sunday, February 27th: Pokémon Day 2022 celebrations.

On February the 23rd it was announced the start of an event in Pokémon Café ReMix that provides a greater chance of meeting Shiny Starly, and on February 25th it is scheduled to be released a video of Yaffle's single "Reconnect" for the Music P25 project.

By February we were promised two new Pokémon for Pokémon UNITE, but for now only Aegislash has been revealed; so most likely on February 24th this second Pokémon will be revealed to us.

But before the latter is revealed, let's find out who the new entry is:



Aegislash has the ability to be able to change its form according to the moves it uses during the fight: if it uses an offensive move it takes the Sword Form, if it uses its exclusive Royal Shield move it will return to its Shield Form.

In ancient times it was used to elect Kings, as it has psychic powers which are used to understand who has the good qualities to become such.

He unscrupulously absorbs the life energy of both humans and Pokémon, and thanks to his ghostly powers, he manages to manipulate people and Pokémon to his liking.

Its section on the Pokedex reads: "Add a short-range Versatile Pokémon to your team that moves gracefully and nimbly from offensive to defensive stance. Aegislash, the Sword Pokémon, is ready to reign supreme on the battlefield with great moves worthy of its name".

Changing the subject and moving on to February 26th, which is dedicated to Pokémon GO, the Johto Tour will arrive, a worldwide event that will drag thousands of Trainers in the streets to complete missions and hunt ‘monsters’.

Just yesterday ended on the event dedicated to Milcery; but who is this ‘Pocket Monster’?


Milcery is a female-only Pokémon and has the appearance of a drop of milk with a six-pointed crown.

It is said to arise from fragrant air particles.

It has different evolutions depending on the BonBon (special candy used to evolve in a peculiar type of Pokémon) that is given to it.

Its peculiarity is that it evolves by doing a pirouette while holding the instrument for evolution.


What do you think of this news? Which is your favourite Pokémon?

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