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Collection: The Walking Dead Merchandise

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular TV series all over the world from AMC. This thriller series that originated in the US has an average of 17 million viewers. It is based from a comic book series which depicts a battle of life and death in a zombie apocalypse. It has a total of 9 seasons as of October 2018.

Since the debut season in 2010, the show has gathered a wild success. Its gruesome episodes never failed to bring spectacular response and noises, especially in social media.

The Walking Dead emphasises the story of Rick Grimes, a sheriff deputy who woke up from a coma to discover a zombie apocalypse.

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Here at PopGear, it is our responsibility to fulfil your needs by offering merchandise for your fandoms. Having The Walking Dead on our list, we provide official TWD clothing for you. Our features include tank tops and t-shirts with cool and simple designs.

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What Makes People Love The Walking Dead Series?

There are a lot of movies and stories about a zombie apocalypse happening, but what makes The Walking Dead so popular?

Aside from the thrill of fighting for survival by constantly running away from zombies, The Walking Dead has a strong edge by creating exciting storylines for all of the characters in it, making many of the viewers feel a lot of sympathy. It also portrays people’s true colours when it comes down to survival.

It is very captivating to witness the stories of the characters who represent regular people in such a ruthless setting, which makes the viewers feel like they are part of the scene. Every episode and season leaves cliff hangers and a lot of questions unanswered, making the viewers argue and exercise their imagination for the outcome of the story, that is until the next episode or season clears the air.

Trivia About the Walkers

One of the most noticeable things in the series will be the convincing and gruesome make-up effects that make the show more believable. Did you know that these walkers are not just simple extras? The zombies or the so-called walkers in this series underwent a “zombie school” and are taught how to walk and act like a zombie.

As a strategy, the person behind TWD special effects and make-up Greg Nicotero classified the zombies into three. One, the hero zombies or the zombies that are often captured close to the camera who have the most complicated makeups from head to toe.

Second, the midground zombies who only have shadows and highlights on their faces and are often in the background to support the front lines, and third are the deep background zombies who are merely used as background and aren’t seen fully by the camera. The deep background zombies usually wear masks.

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