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Mickey Mouse Merchandise

What’s the theme of your first birthday? There’s a big chance that it is Mickey Mouse! Mickey Mouse is one of the widely recognised characters from The Walt Disney Company and has been their flagship mascot for decades. If you don't know Mickey Mouse, then maybe you are from a different planet. Just kidding!

Mickey Mouse is very popular that even the small villages will know him. Actually, most of us are used in seeing him everywhere that many won’t believe Walt Disney Studios created him in 1928. Yes, he is that old already, and he first appeared in Steamboat Willie on November 18, 1928.

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The Origin of Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is a character that was created as a replacement of the first cartoon character of Disney, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. There was an issue between an old member of staff at Disney that signed most of Disney’s employees to a different project. As they are dismayed with the betrayal, the new Disney Studio had started to build up their business once again.

In 1928, the loyal staffs left, Ub Iwerks, Les Clark, and Wilfred Jackson were asked to try sketching different animals such as dogs and cats. However, Disney is not convinced. There are a female cow, male horse, and male frog – all rejected until one beautiful day, Walt Disney had some inspiration for the tame mouse at his desk at the Laugh-O-Gram Studio.

He asked the staff once again to create a character, and this time, it’s a mouse. It was named as Mortimer Mouse, but later on, changed to Mickey Mouse.

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Mickey in Black and White Films

In the early films where Mickey Mouse was featured, he was often characterised not as a hero, but a suitor of Minnie Mouse. Yes, it is all about his love for Minnie! He was first shown in The Barn Dance on March 14, 1929, where Minnie turned him down and considered Pete. After a few days, another film was released, The Opry House where he first wore his white gloves.

Continuously, he was featured in more black and white films. Now, Mickey Mouse has come a long way that he can be seen in theme parks and almost anywhere! He also recently celebrated his 90th birthday.

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