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Collection: Disney Merchandise

From kids to adults, we have witnessed the beauty of the films created by the Walt Disney Company. One of the leading providers and producers of information and entertainment in the industry, Walt Disney brands are widely recognized for their services, consumer products, and content. From Mickey Mouse, Disney Princesses and the recent releases of film animation – you’ll love every character from the company!

Walt Disney Company would like to develop the most innovative, creative and quality entertainment experiences to many consumers all over the world. As such, there is no doubt that people fall in love with their films and the characters itself. Here at PopGear, we surely know how you feel, and we are proud to present a full Disney merchandise that you’d be able to enjoy for you and family!

We Offer a Wide Range of Disney Clothing

At PopGear, we focus on the needs of our customer and offer them official merchandise from the most significant and latest brands from TV, film, music and more than what you can imagine. We let you keep up with your favourite Disney characters and let them be with you anywhere you go. Whether it is a gift for your friends, family members or for your personal use, we have a full collection of style and different merchandise that you can use.

From t-shirts, backpacks, and hoodies, we let you stay on track on what’s trending on the market today! PopGear aims to offer the best quality of products that can only be found here on our site.

Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphonies

The start of a whole new brand and style started when Mickey Mouse was released. In 1928, Disney had to recover from their character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. That’s why, they thought about the idea of a mouse character and named it, Mortimer which later on became known as Mickey Mouse. He starred in different films under the Walt Disney Production and was able to be recognized as Mickey on its first sound film, Steamboat Willie.

Steamboat Willie is a great hit and has been a success. As such, they have started to create better films and began to produce the Silly Symphony series together with the Columbia Pictures in August 1929. In September the same year, Harry Woodin, a theatre manager had requested for the permission to start the Mickey Mouse Club, and it was approved.

We sell a wide range of clothing, from Mickey Mouse Merchandise to Toy Story MerchandisePokemon Merchandise and more.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Other Disney Animated Films

The first feature-length animated film of Disney was released in 1934, and it took them three years to complete the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The story captured the hearts of many people, and it became one of the highest-grossing films of its time of release.

Snow White is the first of the Disney princesses that have been known from the company, but it took them years before the second princess was introduced. After Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Disney focused on releasing other movies such as Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo and Bambi. All of those films grossed successfully and led Walt Disney ahead of its competition.

Leading Character Merch Supplier in the UK

PopGear is known as one of the leading character merchandise suppliers in the UK. We’ve got exclusive designs of different characters that you can only find on our shop! All of it is official merchandise from the most known brands of TV, film, and music.

Our mission is to let our consumers enjoy being a fan of their favourite characters by using their official merchandise! It’s fun, exciting and makes the whole fan experience to a whole new level.