Girls Jojo Siwa Fearless T-Shirt

Girls Jojo Siwa Fearless T-Shirt

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Official Jojo Siwa colourful short sleeve t-shirt. Features the text `Fearless` and light and bow print graphics. Machine washable. Materials: 97% cotton, 3% polyester.

Jojo Siwa Fearless Top

An American dancer, singer, actress and YouTube personality, Jojo Siwa made a way in the entertainment industry and is a favourite of many children out there. She was best known for her character in Dance Moms, together with her mom, Jessalyn Siwa.

She’s been a great inspiration to many and is being followed by her fans all over the world. As such, if your kid or someone you know is a huge fan of her, then this Jojo Siwa fearless top can be a perfect gift to them. With this stylish and versatile top, you can enjoy the great mix of the prints, comfort, and sparkle.

Our Jojo Siwa fearless top was designed for any occasion and is comfortable enough for everyday use. Featuring the text “Fearless” and light and bow print graphics, this is a must in any girl’s wardrobe. The hype for Jojo Siwa’s clothing and merchandise will never be over, and PopGear will always be your one-stop shop for it!

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