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A mixed-media franchise, Yo-Kai Watch is widely popular all over the world. It is a toy and role-playing video game franchise that was created by Level-5. It is an adventure, comedy and supernatural game that is often compared to past popular animated series like Yu-Gi-Oh. The first game of Yo-Kai Watch was released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2013 and has been a big catch for many gamers!

As Yo-Kai Watch is a big media franchise, it already comes with three main sequels, several, spinoffs, six manga adaptations and an anime television series. The anime television series was able to hit higher ratings and boost the popularity of the franchise even more. As such, an animated film was produced in December 2014, and three more films are already being prepared.

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The Concept of Yo-Kai Watch

Yo-Kai Watch goes around the story of Yo-Kai that are hunting the city. This is based on the traditional Japanese story, Yokai and they have made a few twists. If one were able to be friends with a Yo-kai, then they would be able to receive a friendship medal which allows them to summon the Yo-kai as necessary to fight another Yo-kai or to do their everyday tasks.

The basic plot being used is that the main character, Nate would obtain a Yo-kai through a Whisper (butler Yo-kai). Then, they will befriend to Jibanyan that haunts the intersection because his owner called him lame. For the anime television series, there are more characters introduced.

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Main Human Characters

Even though it is a fictional media franchise, they still feature five major human characters. They are Keita, Kuma, Kanchi, Fumi-chan, and Inaho. They are students of the Sakura First Elementary School. However, as the series is also available in the US, the names of the characters were also changed to meet the standard requirement of the US audience. From left to right, their modified name was Nate, Bear, Eddie, Katie, and Hailey.

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