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The Simpsons family is one of the most recognised family cartoon characters, especially with their unique face and colours. They were first introduced through an animated sitcom that was created by Matt Groening for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series featured the satirical depiction of the working life by members of The Simpsons family. It was an entertaining series and often called as “true to life” by the viewers.

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The Simpsons Family

The Simpsons are a well-known family. The main characters include Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. They live in the fictional town of Middle America. Homer is working as a safety inspector in a Nuclear Power Plan, and he is known for his careless personality.

He is married to Marge who is a stereotypical mother and housewife. Their three children, namely Bart is a ten-year-old prankster and troublemaker, Lisa is an activist while their baby Maggie would love to suck on her pacifiers. Even though the whole family is not normal at all, most of the episodes feature their bonds and relationships to one another.

Additionally, they have a dog named Santa’s Little Helper and the cat, Snowball V. Besides the well-known family, there are also supporting characters that makes their story even more colourful and funnier. Some of the other characters include Homer’s co-workers, Carl and Lenny, school principal Seymour, the teachers Edna and Elizabeth, Mayor Quimby and a whole lot more.

Bartholomew JoJo Simpson

Bartholomew JoJo Simpson or most popularly known as Bart is voiced by Nancy Cartwright and first appeared on April 19, 1987. His name is inspired by the term “brat”. He is the oldest child of The Simpsons family and the most prominent character from the series. He is disrespectful of the authority, rebellious and mischievous as well.

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