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Pixar Animation is known for a wide range of great animated films. On their long list of successful films, who wouldn’t know or heard of The Incredibles? Because of its funny yet mature themes, The Incredibles is quite popular not only for kids but for adults too. It is known for its exceptional humour and a great storyline.

The Incredibles received positive feedback from the critics when it released, and it has now become one of the great Pixar Animations there is. With a cliffhanger at the end of the first film, fans were left wondering when the sequel would be out. After many, many years of waiting for its sequel “Incredibles 2” was released June 2018.

Additionally, a lot of merchandise started to appear in shops, department stores, and online.  Here at PopGear, we will not miss an opportunity to offer you a simple and convenient shopping experience. Get your favourite Parr family character clothing in just a few clicks!

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Who Are They? 

The Parr family, more popularly known as The Incredibles, are Bob, his wife Helen, and their children Violet, Dash and Jack-jack. Mr Incredible or Bob Parr is known to be the clumsy hilarious father with incredible strength and stamina. While Elastigirl or Helen Parr can be described as the sweet and caring mother, Elastigirl can stretch parts of her body to hundreds of feet.

Their firstborn Violet can turn invisible. Violet is a shy teenager who can also make heavy things levitate. Dash, on the other hand, is confident and cool. Just like his father, he has exceptional strength for a 10-year old boy, he can also run fast, hence the name. Lastly is the cute and smart little baby Jack-Jack who made The Incredibles 2 happen, after the first film had us wondering “What are his superpowers?”.

The Credible Incredibles

It is a little ironic to see a superhero movie where the public disapproves of superhumans fighting crime due to the collateral damage they are causing. As a result, the government launched a program that will make these “Supers” adhere to their identities, not known by other regular humans.  

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