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“It’s not a bird, not a plane; it’s Superman!” It was a joint statement we hear from our parents and other people as we grow up. Superman is known as The Man of Steel, faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than anyone who fights for a never-ending battle of justice and truth. From the blue uniform, the flowing red cape and the letter S from his chest, we all know the particular superhero that we love!

Superman is one of the most beloved DC Super Heroes of all time and can be recognisable by anyone. He is the symbol of truth, justice and hope. Aside from that, he is also powerful and has the abilities of all things super such as super-speed, super-strength, freezing breath, invulnerability and heat vision!

Indeed, many people are looking up on Superman and would like him to be their ultimate superhero. If you are one of his great fans, then buying Superman merchandise can be your dream! Thankfully, it is now easier with Popgear.

We Offer a Wide Range of Superman Clothing

Superman clothing and merchandise? You are in the right place! Popgear is your one-stop shop for all your character clothing, merchandise and other things you need. We are always updated with the latest character clothing available on the market to give our customers the best experience.

We stock everything, and if you want merchandise of other DC superheroes like Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, Aquaman and others, then we surely have something for you! Here at Popgear, you’ll never be disappointed because we only source the best quality of children and adult clothing that is in the trend of the current fashion styles of our generation.

We sell a wide range of clothing, from Aquaman Merchandise to Thor MerchandiseJurassic World Merchandise and more.

Who is Superman?

Superman is one of the fictional characters that have appeared in American comic books that were published by DC Comics. He was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist, Joe Shuster. Superman first apparated in Action Comics #1 on April 18, 1938. Yes, he is that old already, and he was known even before World War II.

He is a famous superhero that came from the planet Krypton. His name is Kal-El, and when he was still a baby, he was sent to Earth through a small spaceship where he lives with his adopted parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent. He was later on named as Clark Kent.

While he is still a kid, he already shows different superhuman abilities because of his incredible strength. His foster parents have taught him to use those abilities and help people, and he decided to fight crimes.

As a protection to his privacy and healthy life, he used a colourful costume and has the alias “Superman”. When he is not fighting against the vigilante, he is just a simple journalist that is working for Daily Planet. That is also where he met his love interest, Lois Lane and a good friend, Jimmy Olsen.

Leading Character Merch Supplier in the UK

Over the years, Superman has been part of different media forms including television series, books, films and others. He is one of the most popular characters of DC Comics and has been their face for years. With our love for Superman, we give you the best merchandise that you can ever think of! We are the leading character merchandise suppliers in the UK, and you’ll want to check out the different products we offer.

From clothes, slippers, backpacks, t-shirts and others – our shop is full of merchandise that you’ll love to purchase for you or even for your loved one. So, shop now and fulfil your needs!