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Collection: Super Mario Merchandise

Meet Mario, the hero of the prince of the Mushroom Kingdom! With all his amazing abilities, he has worked together with his friends to keep the kingdom safe. Super Mario is a series of fantasy games that have been created by Nintendo. Alternatively, it is called Super Mario Brothers. because of the added character of his brother, Luigi. It is an exhilarating adventure that quickly gets the attention of many players across the globe!

It’s been years since the first release of Super Mario, but many fans all over the world are still interested in playing it! The primary goal is to rescue the kidnapped Princess, and Mario will do anything to make it possible. If you are reading this, then there’s a chance you are also a great fan of this game. Thankfully, here at PopGear, we have a full collection of Super Mario merchandise that you can use!

We Offer a Wide Range of Mario Clothing

PopGear offers you a full range of Super Mario merchandise that you can’t find anywhere. We are your one-stop shop for all the official merchandise you need from the most excellent and latest TV, films, music, games and more! Whether you need clothing, footwear or homeware of your favourite characters, PopGear gives you peace of mind on everything we offer!

Our primary goal is to let you keep up with your favourite famous faces and let them be part of your everyday lives as well. All our designs are exclusive and unique, so expect that your friends will nag you asking where you have purchased it!

Mario & Luigi

Super Mario Bros. features two main characters, Mario and Luigi. Mario is the inspiring, cheerful and jumpy prince and everyone loves him! He is bravely battling the bad guys for years, and there are no signs that he is slowing down. He is resilient for being a plumber, smashing bricks and bouncing from walls. He is very athletic, and his goal is only one, and that is to keep his Princess Peach safe.

On the other hand, Luigi is a great guy and is very scared of ghosts! He is the younger twin brother of Mario, and he’s very quick to offer help to those people who are in trouble. He has very long legs that make him a better jumper. He is readily known because of his colour green costume and cap with letter L sign.

Rescuing Princess Peach

The Super Mario game and whole franchise only have one mission, and that is to rescue Princess Peach. Princess Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and is known for being gentle and wish for everyone to live happily.

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However, Bowser, the antagonist of the story is obsessed with her and would like to marry her. This is the reason why she was kidnapped, and it is Mario’s responsibility to do everything he can to rescue her. When there are no bad guys around, Princess Peach would love to play tennis, bake cakes and hang out with Mario!

Leading Character Merch Supplier in the UK

Buying your favourite Super Mario merchandise becomes easier with PopGear. We are one of the leading character merchandise suppliers in the UK and offers you a wide range of collection. We have almost everything you can think of such as hoodies, t-shirts, slippers, backpacks and more! All of it is all 100% original and unique – something you can only find in our shop. Additionally, we are keen to offer you more so watch out for our next character merchandise!