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Star Wars Christmas Jumpers

Gather up Star Warriors, 2019 is a big year for you. After 40 years of twists and turns, Star Wars is inching closer to the epic conclusion. Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker is set to debut in summer of 2019. Scenes from the trailers show a lot of desert action. A closer look at the behind-the-scenes shows that the production was shot in a desert – The Wadi Rum, a desert valley in Jordan. Despite being a sci-fi movie, it has few digital effects. Which is not easy to pull off. The directors had to create a road stretching for miles into the desert and a small town for the crew, cast, and extras. Fun fact, the Jordanian Military, and its royal family were involved in the creations. 

With all the stops the Star Wars crew is pulling to present you with an epic movie, the least you can do is show them some love. Since it will debut close to the Christmas holidays, what better way to do this than buy Star Wars Christmas jumpers? PopGear has a creative collection of Star Wars designs that you’ll love.

As you prepare your finances, let’s have some fun with a list of fun Star Wars facts:

Yoda was almost a monkey

George Lucas had initially planned for an adorable monkey to play the role of Yoda. The monkey was to wear a mask and carry a cane everywhere it went.

In the original trilogy, ‘Ewok’ wasn’t said

Ewok is the cuddliest species in Star Wars. Despite this, the name isn’t spoken by any of the characters. It’s only identified in closing credits and scripts.

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi almost ended differently

For a brief moment, George Lucas entertained the idea of Luke removing his Vader’s helmet, putting it back on and proclaiming to the universe, ‘Now I am Vader.’ After which he would turn to the dark side. But this idea was scrapped and an even cooler ending created.

Yoda has different toes depending on the film

In Star Wars; The Phantom Menace, he sports only three toes. However, in Star Wars: The Empire Strike Back and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, he has four toes.

The 2001: A Space Odyssey and Star Wars were brought to life by the same crew

Yes, George Lucas loved the ‘A Space Odyssey’ film a lot. So much so that he hired many of the crew members who were part of its creation. The crew was called ‘The Class of 2001’.

The lightsaber noises are taken from old TVs

The lightsaber sounds you love were made from a combination of the buzz produced by the motor of a film projector and the hum of an old TV’s picture tube.

Darth Vader cannot attend Star Wars parties

George Lucas banned David Prowse from attending star Wars parties and conventions because he’s annoying.

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We have a vast Star Wars Christmas jumper collection

We are in the business of creating cool and unique designs that Star Warriors would be proud of. We spend countless hours picking out memorable Star Wars moments that you can relate to, and that will spark a conversation everywhere you go. The idea is to create a perfect wingman or wing woman.

High-quality material

As a Star Warrior, wearing low quality and flimsy Star Wars Christmas jumpers is a no-no. You are expressing your love for arguably the best long-running film in history. You need to do it in style and confidence. Because of this, we make our Christmas jumpers from the best material. The materials used adds to its comfort and luxury feel.

Why choose us?

Because we are all about customer satisfaction, we have a wide collection of Star Wars designs that you’ll love. Additionally, our prices are affordable and match the quality of the merchandise we offer. You can scroll through our simple website and choose one that catches your eye.