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Collection: Rick And Morty Merchandise

Do you love science and adventures? Rick and Morty is a highly recognised adult animated science fiction sitcom that was produced by Cartoon Network. Even though it is an animated series, this is primarily developed for an adult audience. It features heavy genre of science fiction, black comedy, comic science and a whole lot more of adventure.

It was created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon for late night programming of Cartoon Network. For someone who loves experiments and crazy science facts, Rick and Morty can be exciting. The series have originated from the short parody film of the Back to the Future and follows the story and misadventures of the cynical and mad scientist, Rick Sanchez.

The whole series has always been exciting and gained high ratings. As our commitment to the best brands of television series, films, games and more on the industry, we have also created a collection of Rick and Morty merchandise that you can check out!

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The Story of Rick and Morty

The whole show features the adventures of the members of the Smith household, including Jerry, Beth, Summer and Morty, and Rick Sanchez as the grandfather who lives with them as a guest. The family lives in Seattle, but stories take place an infinite number of realities where the characters travel through other dimensions and planets with the use of Rick’s flying car and portals.

Unlike the usual good and well-mannered leading character, Rick is an alcoholic and eccentric mad scientist. He doesn’t believe in what ordinary people do like marriage, school, love and family. He always goes on an adventure with his grandson, Morty who is the opposite of his character. Morty is naïve, but a kind-hearted grandson.

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Summer The Sister

On the other hand, Summer, the sister of Morty is a teenager that is always worried about how to improve her status. She often joins Rick and Morty on their adventures, and typically causes trouble. The mother, Beth is a level-headed wife that uses assertive force to fix the household.

He is self-conscious and works like a horse surgeon. She is in distress of her marriage with Jerry who is a very simple-minded person and insecure. He always disapproves the influence of Rick over his family. With those characteristics in mind, you’ll surely know one thing – it will be crazy.

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