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Bears are one of the most common animals that are being used as characters in different media. They are quite popular across the globe, including Paddington! Paddington Bear is a fictional character that first started in children’s literature titled, A Bear Called Paddington. It was first released on October 13, 1958. The same character was featured in twenty more books by Michael Bon.

If you’ve been reading children books since you were young, it would not be impossible for you to know Paddington. Over the years, he doesn’t just appear in books but also has his film and television series. We all love his look – wearing the old hat, battered suitcase and duffle coat. To show off our love to Paddington, we’ve been on the lookout for the best merchandise and finally able to have our collection for you to browse.

We Offer a Wide Range of Paddington Bear Clothing

Paddington is such a smart and cute bear that we can’t help but fall in love with. That’s why, here at Popgear, we have sourced the best quality children and adult clothing that you can purchase. Aside from Paddington Bear, you can also expect a wide range of merchandise collection featuring favourite characters such as Peppa Pig, Harry Potter, Minecraft and others.

We stock everything that is in trend and offer you all the best styles available on the market. We are sure that we’ve got something for you. We have carefully selected each of our products, so you can be assured that you are paying for the best quality and value.

The Origin of Paddington Bear

Michael Bond had thought about Paddington Bear when he saw a lone teddy bear on a shelf from a London store that is near the Padding Station. It happened on Christmas Eve 1956. Thinking about the occasion, he purchased the bear and gave it as a present to his wife. After ten days, Michael was able to write a story featuring Paddington Bear. Two years after, A Bear Called Paddington was published by William Collins & Sons.

Paddington is a very friendly and polite bear that came from Darkest Peru. He was taken by Aunt Lucy and Uncle Pastuzo after his parents’ died when he was young. He moves in with the Browns and has been part of different troubles. Mrs Brown named him after the Paddington Station when they are picking up Judy after school.

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A Bear Called Paddington (1958)

The first book was published in 1958 and was divided into different chapters. The first book comes with a total of 8 chapters, but later on, more books were released. It includes More About Paddington, Paddington Helps Out, Paddington Aboard, Paddington at Large, Paddington Marches On, Paddington at Work, Paddington Goes to Town, Paddington Takes the Air and a whole lot more! The last book, Paddington at St. Paul’s was released in June 2018 as a tribute to the death of Michael Bond.

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