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Minnie Mouse Merchandise

Minnie Mouse is a popular cartoon character that is part of many people’s memories. She is Mickey’s girlfriend and the handy work of Walt Disney. She was created in 1928, and her first appearance on screen was in ‘Plane Crazy’. She is also known as Maestro Minnie and Princess Minnie and loves cake, chocolate, and cheese – everything your kids love. In addition to baking your little girl a Minnie Mouse birthday cake, buy her a Minnie Mouse t-shirt for a complete look from PopGear. We have beautiful designs and a wide variety to choose from.

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About Minnie Mouse


Minnie’s parents are farmers. Her father is Marcus Mouse, and her mom is Margie. Marcus Mouse was first mentioned in Mr. Slicker and the Egg Robbers in 1930. Minnie’s Aunt is called Mandi Mouse, and her twin cousins are Melody and Millie. Marsha Mouse, Minnie’s grandfather also debuted in 1930.


Minnie has two pets; Fifi and Figaro. Fifi is a dog with five puppies. She had the puppies with Pluto (Mickey’s dog). Figaro is a cat that also debuted in Pinnochio. Minnie also adopted a snake and a lizard for pets. They are named Pop and Lolly, respectively. This came after her sudden interest with reptiles.


According to Walt Disney, Minnie and Mickey are married. However, they do confess that they two are married or unmarried depending on the plot of the episode.

Minnie’s name

According to a 1942 article written in The Gleam Minnie’s original name was Minerva. However, Walt Disney said no register confirms these claims. And while there’s not much information on Minerva, the little we could piece together shows that she’s similar to Minnie.

Also, others claim that Minnie’s original name was Wilhelmina.


Minnie’s closest friends are Clarabelle Cow and Daisy Duck. Daisy Duck is Donald’s duck girlfriend. Minnie spends a lot of time shopping with Daisy. This friendship is a product of recent cartoon episodes since the two had never interacted with each other in the classic short episodes.

Other friends include Carly the Cat and Honor the Hippo.

Things you didn’t know about Minnie Mouse

She has a star

After a successful career as a movie and TV star, Minnie Mouse was honored with a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. She finally joined Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

Minnie introduced Pluto to the world

In 1930, in a picnic sort film, Minnie and Mickey went on a date and took Pluto with them. However, at the time Pluto was called Rover. His name was changed in 1931 to Pluto in ‘The Moose Hunt.

Minnie has an ex-boyfriend

Minnie loves Mickey Mouse. However, before Mickey, another guy – Mortimer –had her heart. Mortimer is not the best guy, so it’s not surprising that she dumped him. But as Mickey’s sworn enemy, Mortimer is always trying to win Minnie back.

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