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  • Marvel Avengers Adults Blue Christmas Jumper
    Marvel Avengers Adults Blue Christmas Jumper
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  • Marvel Deadpool Naughty List Adults Christmas Jumper
    Marvel Deadpool Naughty List Adults Christmas Jumper
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  • Marvel Spiderman Spider Logo Red Adults Christmas Jumper
    Marvel Spiderman Spider Logo Red Adults Christmas Jumper
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Marvel Christmas Jumpers

Avengers Assemble! Get your buddies and pretend to fight against Thanos and his minions to save the universe. You can make it more real by sporting different Marvel Christmas Jumpers. We have a diverse range of designs ranging from Spiderman to Ironman and Thor – God of Thunder. Or you could skip the Avengers and have loads of fun with a Deadpool, Black Panther or Doctor Strange Christmas jumper. PopGear has all your Marvel favourites designed onto Christmas jumpers. You can transform into a hero with any Marvel Christmas jumper design you fancy.

The Must-Have Marvel Christmas Jumpers

Avengers Design

You cannot go wrong with an all-encompassing Avengers design. The design might be busy, a little ridiculous and colourful but in many ways fun and perfect for the holidays.

Captain America

Though Steve Rogers was born on the 4th of July, he comes across like the guy who’d rock the Christmas spirit. If you’re in love with a guy with a plan and one who always knows what to do and say, then the Captain is perfect for you. With a red, white, and blue shield, stars and Christmas trees, you’ll be in a festive and patriotic mood.

Black Panther

What’s cooler than having the king of Wakanda on your chest? Black Panther was more than a superhero movie; it was a reminder that we should preach love and not hate. Wearing a Black Panther designed Christmas jumper not only shows your support for the masterpiece but helps to spread the message of love.


As the god of mischief, Loki is a favorite for many Marvel fans. He’s one of those villains you try hard to hate but always find yourself loving. His horns add character to the jumper’s design.


Or maybe you love Thor more than Loki. If so, PopGear has got you covered. The sexy god of thunder is creatively designed onto our Marvel Christmas jumpers.

Iron man

We cannot miss listing the brains behind Avengers. Though Tony stark can be an ass at times, he is an icon you cannot live without. While the Christmas jumper isn’t filled with tech like his armour, it will pump you full of with confidence and courage.

Made from the best materials

The Marvel superheroes are not cheap. So your Marvel Christmas Jumper shouldn’t be either. Lucky for you, PopGear prioritises quality in its creations. We use the best materials in the industry and come up with unique and creative marvel action designs. Consequently, Christmas jumpers are comfortable and make great first impressions.

Pick from our wide selection

As creatives, we ensure we are up to date with Marvel productions. We do this to guarantee quality and diverse options. We’ve got an entire collection of the above-mentioned marvel characters and more.

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Why choose us?

Aside from creative designs and high-quality materials, we are focused on providing you with a unique experience on the platform. We’ve simplified the site’s navigation and grouped products, making it easy to locate your choice. We also provide our designs at affordable prices. Our product quality matches the price tag.