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Over the years, people have been fond of playing video games as one of their hobbies and with so many options to try out, most of them will want to experience each of them. If you’d like to experience some action and adventure, then The Legend of Zelda can be a great choice! The Legend of Zelda is a fantasy, action and adventure video game franchise that was initially developed and published by Nintendo.

It’s one of the most popular games available, especially that it is already considered as a pioneer on its field. It was first released on February 21, 1986, and was created by the Japanese game designers Takashi Tezuka and Shigeru Miyamoto. Because of its popularity, there are instalments and re-releases that were produced under different developers such as Capcom, Grezzo ad Vanpool.

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The Legend of Zelda Gameplay

The Legend of Zelda is known for the adventure and action gameplay. These have been followed throughout the series, and even on the new instalments created by other developers. There are only some improvements made such as the stealth gameplay that allows the player to avoid enemies while they are aiming to reach the next level.

Even though the game can be finished without much exploration, there are side quests you need to meet, and the players will have the right tools to use for each. There are hidden areas and puzzles that you have to solve and give you better weapons such as bomb flowers, bombs, shields, boomerangs, magic swords, bows and arrows, and others.

It was a fun and simple game that is developed for a bigger audience.

Princess Zelda

Princess Zelda is the title character of the game, The Legend of Zelda. She has appeared in the several instalments of the games and is known to be the member of the Hyrule’s royal family. Even though she is the main character, her story is always about being a damsel in distress. Ganon captured her and Link needs to rescue her to get back her magical abilities and protect their family.

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