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Justin Bieber Merchandise

Right after Justin Bieber gained popularity from his YouTube videos, no one could ever deny the huge impact he made in the US and throughout the globe. After the release of his debut record My World, his name never stopped making noise and created an enormous fanbase. He was the first artist to have hit the US Billboard Hot 100 with seven songs all from a debut record.

He influenced the whole world through his songs like Baby, One Less Lonely Girl and One Time. Three more albums came after and made more or less 140 million sales up to 2018 which makes him one of the best-selling music artists in the world.

Talking about the fanbase, Beliebers, as they are commonly known, are probably excited knowing fandom tops on hand! From t-shirts to the tank top, let’s discover how crazily supportive these Beliebers are!

We Offer a Wide Range of Justin Bieber Clothing

Of course, we will grab this chance to offer you Justin Bieber clothing because here at PopGear we support your fandoms! This JB clothing is legally and officially licensed and feature the latest JB album, Purpose. We offer cool and simple tank top and shirt designs that can match your preference, intentionally made for a standard fit. These shirts are made with 100% cotton.

Fun Facts

Maybe you’ve already done a lot of research about JB’s life, bought a lot of JB merchandise (from mugs to keychains to iPhone cases), went to gigs and concerts multiple times and now seeing PopGear Justin Bieber clothing. We have listed some lowkey trivia about Justin that perhaps you didn’t already know:

  • Justin loves Disney movies, particularly The Lion King. He even mentioned this in a tweet once before.
  • Justin is not a fan of small spaces, he is claustrophobic.
  • Justin likes to visit the different malls and makes sure to visit a single mall in every city he is in, even on his tours.
  • Justin can fluently speak French.
  • The instruments that Justin plays (drums, guitar, trumpet, and piano) are all self-taught! He truly is a music genius.
  • Justin’s unique hairstyles are one of his assets and his hair cuttings can be sold for $46,000.


It has been three years since the release of his latest album Purpose and it was stated in his social media page that he was on a hiatus since 2017. But he still is active in social media. Garnering 77 million likes from his Facebook fan page and 105.5 million followers on Twitter, Justin announced the release of a single, where he in collaboration with Ed Sheeran, titled the song I Don’t Care. He and Ed were known to be the only two artists who made a record in Official Singles Chart by holding all 3 songs on top all at the same time.

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