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Hulk Merchandise

There are many superheroes, but the Hulk is arguably the most interesting. You see, unlike other superheroes who have their purpose and paths set for glory; Hulk has two clashing personalities; Bruce Banner and Hulk. This makes him engaging and unique. He’s not an American Icon or a vigilante like Captain American and Batman, respectively, are. He’s just one of the guys who accidentally got superhuman powers that threw him into serious internal struggles.

But despite the flaws, Hulk has become a popular superhero in the Marvel world. So much so that you are considering buying a Hulk t-shirt. But before you commit to the purchase, PopGear has some smashing designs that will leave no doubt of you being a Hulk lover.

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We Offer a Wide Range of Hulk Clothing

Hulk is an all-powerful superhero. In addition to being strong, he’s a man of few words. But when he does speak up, he is low-key funny. PopGear spends a lot of time creating Hulk designs and themes that tell his story. With our unique designs, you will not miss out on the humor and strength of the green man whose purpose is to flatten everything in his path.

Superpowers Hulk Has


The first thought that crosses your mind when you think about the Hulk is a muscular green guy who loves to smash. And while it’s true, destroying things is not the only thing he can do. Because of his super-strong legs, Hulk can propel himself forward at lightning-fast speeds. He’s often shown catching up with some of the fastest superheroes and even outrunning rocket blasts. His strength is an advantage since no one expects a creature as big as he is to move so fast.

He can jump across continents

Hulk’s jumps are impressive. We’ve seen him jumping onto skyscrapers and catching planes high in the air in a single leap. But did you know he manages to land these leaps without even trying? If he were trying, he’d jump across oceans and land in different continents. His legs are his main form of transportation. He doesn’t have to worry about baggage fees and flight times.

He can breathe underwater

For many superheroes (except Aquaman and a few others), the ocean is a no-go zone. They cannot breathe underwater. As such, not unless they are in a sub, they tend to keep their fights on land. And though Hulk is not an Atlantian, he can breathe underwater. He can do this because of a gland in his body, which supplies his lungs with oxygen. Also, due to his size and strength, Hulk can withstand the ocean pressure that would otherwise crush other superheroes.

He can see ghosts

This is a power that has never been explored on Marvels movies. But it exists in Hulk comics. These powers allow him to see Dr. Strange when he’s in the astral plane. Because of this power, when Marvel decides to incorporate ghosts in the MCU, Hulk will be an important character in the films.

Regeneration and healing

Hulk can grow back tissue and thus heal from any wound like Wolverine and Deadpool. Marvel enthusiasts claim that no superhero heals faster than the Hulk. One scene that shows how fast he heals is when his stomach was cut during a fight with Speedfreak. Hulk held the stomach together, and it healed. The healing was so fast that flesh grew back around his fingers. He was forced to rip his fingers out and then wait to heal.

Leading Hulk Merch Supplier in the UK

Think of us like the Hulk in our industry because we smash our competition. Additionally, we have a variety of powers (skills) that allow us to stay ahead of the competition. One of the skills includes prolonged concentration and creativity. It allows us to come up with numerous designs that you’ll fall in love with. And even better, our prices are affordable and match the quality of the merchandise we offer.