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Collection: Game of Thrones Merchandise

A compelling television series, Game of Thrones is famous around the world. It is an American fantasy drama series that was created by D. B. Weiss and David Benoff. It is an adaptation of the fantasy novels created by George R. R. Martin. Because of the fascinating plot and twist of stories, it gets the attention of many people particularly those who love politics and a little bit of action.

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We Offer a Wide Range of Game of Thrones Clothing

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Game of Thrones Settings

One of the most recognized parts of Game of Thrones is their setting. It was inspired on the storylines of A Song of Ice and Fire which sets in the fictional seven kingdoms of Westeros and the continent of Essos. The whole series revolves around the challenges of the dynasties and the noble families for the throne. While some facilities fight for independence, there are still threats in the icy Essos and North in the east.

To keep it just, it is a very intriguing plot with a dark tone of a fantasy setting where there are magic and dragons in it. Actually, the story is praised for perceiving medieval realism and sets out to make the story feel more historical and not just a contemporary fantasy. There are less sorcery and magic, but there are many political issues, battles, and dark lords.

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Largest Ensemble Cast

Game of Thrones is known to have one of the largest ensembles cast in all television series. On the third season, they were able to reach around 257 cast alone.

The main cast includes Sean Bean, Michelle Fairley, Richard Madden, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Isaac Hempstead Wright, Art Parkinson and more! They are the people who portray the leading characters of the series and is also notable for being among the highest paid actors on television.

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