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When we finish something really fast, we always hear people saying, “Wow like a flash!”. It has been one of the most common idiomatic expressions being used that also inspired the skills of the popular superhero, The Flash. The Flash or just Flash is one of the most loved superheroes from DC Comics. He was created by Garnder Fox and the artist, Harry Lampert.

The Flash first appeared in comics on January 1940 and used to be called the Scarlet Speedster. With his excellent skills and character, it won’t be a surprise if you are his fan! We all love The Flash and everything about him, and to show it more, we give you a full The Flash merchandise collection that you can check out!

We Offer a Wide Range of Flash Clothing

Too often, we are having a hard time looking for that perfect merchandise that we can use. Here at PopGear, we understand your struggle, and that’s why we have created our collection of The Flash merchandise that fits your needs and preferences. We are a one-stop shop that offers official merchandise from the greatest and latest brands from TV, music, film and a whole lot more.

Whether you are picking the perfect present for your loved ones, or you want to treat yourself, we have different products made for all ages! Even if it is for a birthday or you are already looking for Christmas gifts, check out our collection and have the best for everyone!

Fictional Character Biographies

One of the most confusing things about The Flash is that they lived in different parallel worlds and used different names including Barry Allen, Jay Garrick, and Wally West. Each of them has its characteristics and sets out to play a different role as The Flash.

  • Jay Garrick – He was a college student that accidentally inhaled the heavy water vapours after taking the smoke break inside the laboratory. As a result, he found out that he can run through a total superhuman speed and totally fast reflexes!
  • Barry Allen – He is an assistant scientist from the Science Division and is known for having a reputation of being deliberate, slow and always late. This frustrates his fiancée, and as he was preparing for work, he was struck by lightning and eventually get the new superpower!
  • Wally West – He is the nephew of Barry Allen and Irish West. After the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths where Barry Allen was killed, Wally is the one who took over the position and was able to get the super lighting power. This was known for the release of The Flash: Rebirth.

If you love The Flash, then you may also know that there have been different adaptations about his character. There are films and TV series that depicts different stories. A standalone movie that features him is already confirmed, but more details have to follow for its release.

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