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  • Official Marvel Deadpool 'Chimichangas' Adults T-shirt (Unisex - Mens/Ladies)
    Official Marvel Deadpool 'Chimichangas' Adults T-shirt (Unisex - Mens/Ladies)
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When it comes to a badass and cool superhero character, we only know one name, and it is Deadpool. Deadpool or Wade Winston Wilson is a very notable character from Marvel Comics. He is a fictional character that was created by writer Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld. He first appeared in The New Mutants #98 which was released on February 1991. Since then, he’s been a common favourite to many comic enthusiasts!

If you are someone who has been following Marvel comics and is a great fan of their characters, then you will love Deadpool! He may be foul-mouthed, but he’s really unique on his own and has special abilities to fight enemies. As a tribute to all of his fans, we’ve created a full Deadpool merchandise that you can add up in your room and of course, in your Deadpool collection.

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Powers and Abilities

Deadpool is not just another superhero character as he has his own enormous set of powers and abilities. He has the primary control of accelerated healing power, and the speed may depend on the severity of the wound and his current mental state. It can quickly work on him when he is alert, awake and in good spirits. This power is strong enough for him to be able to survive decapitation and incineration.

Although, the head should be reunited to his body to heal the wound. In one scene, he was able to regrow his head after Hulk pulverized it. Actually, it was revealed that Deadpool was diagnosed with a form of cancer and then after the healing factor was offered to him, it makes his cells unable to die, and so gives him this high power and ability!

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Deadpool Film

There was a big buzz on the internet when the first Deadpool film was released in 2016. It is actually part of the X-Men film series and the first ever standalone film of Deadpool. It was directed by Tim Miller and starred the most favourite, Ryan Reynolds. In this film, Deadpool hunts down the man who gave him the power and abilities.

The film has been a great success and dubbed as the highest-grossing X-Men film of all time! They’ve received a lot of reviews, good and bad especially because of the bad jokes of Deadpool in the movie.

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