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Danger Mouse Merchandise

Mouse characters are trendy ever since! From Mickey Mouse, Gerry and now Dangerous Mouse. We all love mouse characters, and we have followed each of their adventures. Dangerous Mouse is a popular British animated television series that was produced by the Cosgrove Hall Film for the Thames Television. It was one of the most popular back then and gained a lot of attention from many kids and adults across the UK.

Actually, one thing that makes this popular is because it was a parody of the British spy fiction James Bond and Danger Man series. If you are someone who totally loves the badass and cool Dangerous Mouse, then we have some good news for you! Our team had created a full Danger Mouse merchandise collection that you will surely love.

We Offer a Wide Range of Danger Mouse Clothing

Buying character merchandise is a common problem for many consumers. It seems that they are having a hard time looking for that perfect shop that can offer what they need. Thankfully, we are here to help! At PopGear, we are the one-stop-shop that gives you all the official merchandise that you need. Not only from the past series like Dangerous Mouse, but also to all the latest and greatest brands today such as Peppa Pig.

We give our customers a smile on their faces every time they see our collection, and we want to make sure that they are going to have the best experience from it. On top of that, our wide range of character clothing fits most of the needs of the kids and of course, the kids at heart!

Who is Dangerous Mouse?

Dangerous Mouse is the title character of the series. He is known to be one of the greatest secret agents in the world. He speaks about 34 languages (including the Alien language), and his skills are the best among the rest. He can shatter metal through his voice, and even do some push-ups through his index finger.

Additionally, he is a practitioner of the ancient martial art of Kung Moggy. He takes time to do cases one at a time with the use of all his skills and knowledge. The series is full of cool actions and funny outtakes that make more people hooked on each episode of it. The original series ran from September 1981 up to March 1992 and received a reboot on September 2015.

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Dangerous Mouse Reboot

FremantleMedia produced the reboot of Dangerous Mouse roughly 20 years after the original series had ended. It explores the world of Danger Mouse as the world’s greatest secret agent, together with his sidekick, Penfold. They are on the mission to protect the world from a variety of dangers and have the help of boss Colonel K and the genius scientist.

As many fans were very excited for this reboot, the series was recognized as one of the highest rated show on the CBBC channel and achieved 2.4 million viewers on the first three weeks of its runtime.

Leading Character Merch Supplier in the UK

PopGear is not just your simple merchandise shop as we are one of the leading character suppliers in the UK! Whether you want to have some hoodies, t-shirts, backpacks, slippers and other merchandise of your favourite character, PopGear ensures that you are getting the best quality available! We have exclusive designs for each of our collection that you can’t find anywhere else.

The main goal of our brand is to keep you ahead of the character curve and stay tune of the next character we’ll feature!