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Curious George Merchandise

Curious George is a cute and adorable monkey with an insatiable desire to discover and learn new things. Like George, little kids are captivated by new things around them every day. They are natural scientists and explorers, who are always anxious to learn how everything works.

Curious George is a series that capitalises on this innate curiosity. It uses George to motivate the kids, to expand their investigations and explorations from George’s adventures. The adventures are as simple as dismantling clocks. Even though they are simple, they are a perfect way to introduce preschoolers to basic concepts of math, engineering, and science. After all, it’s never too early to start nurturing curiosity and developing a genius mind.

And the best bit is that the show isn’t boring. The episodes are not lectures. They are fun adventures that are filled with lots of laughable moments for kids. But the fun doesn’t have to end with the show. As a parent, you can look for fun, hands-on activities you can get into with your kids. And while you are at it, you can buy Curious George t-shirts at PopGear to get into the adventurous and discovery mood.

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We Offer a Wide Range of Curious George Clothing

Curious George is all about exploration, adventure, and having fun. At PopGear, we are dedicated to the creation of designs that are unique and that you’ll love. We treat our creative process as an adventure with the final piece of art waiting to be discovered. It’s a process we enjoy and cherish – this much reflects in the many different Curious George designs we have in our collection. But in case this isn’t your cup of tea, we have loads of other collections for both adults and kids you can choose from.

Ways to Encourage Curiosity in Your Kids

Science toys

Many schools have a curriculum that’s designed to nurture math, science, and problem-solving skills in learners. To complement what you kids learn in school and to encourage experimentation, concentration, and exploration during their playtime, buy science-based toys like;

  • Kid’s microscope
  • Telescope
  • Magnet blocks
  • Anatomy dolls and puzzles


Nature is the best teacher. It has a way of answering questions that stump us. With some guidance, the great outdoors can prove to be a valuable resource to keep your kids entertained, exploring, and learning. Below are some activities you can get into with your little ones;

  • Observe birds and bugs
  • Use a magnifying glass to observe and study natural objects
  • Look at photos of one tree when it’s in the four seasons of a year

Use technology

Thanks to app stores, there are many applications you can use to trigger curiosity in your kids. For instance, the Busy Water app can be used to teach your kids how to plan water systems in a city. The app creates critical thinking and teaches the fundamentals of physics all too subtly.

There are even coding kits that kids can use to start taking baby steps towards becoming serious coders. These types of apps foster analytical thinking, problem-solving, and perseverance.

Use open-ended language

The language we use and how we phrase our statements have a big impact on whether our kids continue exploring or stop. The more open-ended and encouraging we are when helping them to understand a concept, the more they get confident in their efforts to solve problems. Some encouraging statements you can use include;

  • I noticed…
  • I wonder…
  • How did you arrive at that conclusion?

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