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Collection: Baby Shark Merchandise

Baby Shark crashed the pop charts! It was big news all over the world, but who wouldn’t love the very catchy and trendy Baby Shark song? We bet that you’ve danced and sung with it already. Baby Shark is a simple song with very easy to memorise lyrics which have become an anthem for families, toddlers, and almost everyone.

It’s a viral dance craze all over the world, and actually, there are so many versions of it on the internet. It was produced by the Korean entertainment brand named Pinkfong and is available in their YouTube channels and an array of mobile applications. The truth is, the song was uploaded on their account since 2016, but it was only recently when it had been shared and known all over the world.

With all their success and popularity, a lot of people are searching for Baby Shark merchandise, and we know that for sure! Here at Popgear, we bring you the latest trends and styles of Baby Shark merchandise that is made for everyone in the family.

We Offer a Wide Range of Baby Shark Clothing

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The Origins of Baby Shark

Baby Shark is a chant and campfire song. Some sources have mentioned that it is based on traditional myths and camping origins. Also, some see it as developed by camp counsellors that were inspired by the movie, Jaws. It is a song where each member of the family of sharks are introduced through hand motions. Additionally, there are other versions of the songs that feature shark eating a sailor, hunting fishes and killing people.

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Baby Shark by Pinkfong

Baby Shark was popularised by Pinkfong. They are an entertainment and education brand in South Korea. Their song was released on November 25, 2015. The video has gained over 2.5 billion views and recognised as one of the most-viewed educational videos of all time. The song features a family of sharks that go hunting a school of fish that have successfully escape them.

It became a viral video in Indonesia and had been all over different Asian countries. With significant success, the app of Pinkfong has also gained more sales and been part of the top 10 most downloaded family applications. It doesn’t just end there. There are also Baby Shark Challenge that has been cited and was done by different people across the globe.

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