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There is a lot of TV series from America that gained much popularity and positive feedbacks. In the community of science fiction, mystery and drama, Arrow can be considered as one of the most astounding. From its thrilling, mysterious storyline to the effects, music and the quality of the actors. Arrow undeniably hooked millions of fans.

This is a story of the billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, a hooded vigilante who hunts wealthy criminals listed in his father’s notebook after he was found in the island of Lian Yu where he underwent a mission of survival and where he learned his skills.

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Arrow So Far

As of 2018, Arrow already has 7 seasons which have 23 episodes each. Arrow’s premiere episode got more than 4 million viewers and became the only network series to have drawn good rating both in mid-age and adults. Since then, the series received several awards and nominations from 2012 until now. As the season went on, Oliver gained comrades and brothers against the enemies while at the same time, new enemies also emerged. The storyline flows from present and flashback of Green Arrow. The latest season will end May 2019.

Oliver Queen

Oliver was initially known as “Hood” before he was called Arrow. His character was based from the comic character Green Arrow. Unlike some usual leading roles in superhero movies, critics believe that Oliver Queen’s life is not just a pure good-dom as seen in several flashbacks. But what makes him admired by most people is that he eventually changed for better despite his not-so-good past.

Why People Love Arrow

Arrow depicts exciting plot twists every season. It also shows different sides of heroism and reality. The language used is a bit rough but is believed to give the show a more appealing atmosphere. If you are a sci-fi lover, you will quickly determine the similarities and differences in attacks of Arrow from others.

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