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Aquaman Merchandise

Aquaman is a fictional superhero character that was introduced by DC Comics. Mort Weisinger and Paul Norris created him. Strong muscles, long hair and powerful abilities – Aquaman has been a popular favourite superhero of many! He has starred in several volumes of the solo comic book series, and it’s not even that long ago when a solo live-action film was released.

The film exposed Aquaman to more audiences across the globe, and it makes us love him even more. Well, who would not fall in love with Jason Momoa who plays the character of Aquaman? Regardless, we are excited to share our Aquaman merchandise that lets you have all your favourite items as a gift to yourself or even to family members!

We Offer a Wide Range of Aquaman Clothing

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The Origin of Aquaman

The story starts with his father, a very popular undersea explorer. His mother died when he was still a baby, and Aquaman turned to his work of solving the secrets of the ocean. One of his greatest discovery is the ancient city where no other diver was able to see. The father believed that it is the lost kingdom of Atlantis.

He has shared that there is a water-tight home in those places where he lived, studied the records and devices available for the wisdom of the race. From the records and the books, he learned the different ways and taught Aquaman how to live under the ocean. It includes the process of using the power of the sea to make him stronger, draw oxygen from the water and through a hundred of scientific secrets.

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Aquaman: 2018 Film

It hasn’t been long when DC Comics and Warner Bros. Picture released the Aquaman live-action film. It is the sixth installment in the DC Extended Universe. It features Aquaman as the main character and the heir to the underwater kingdom, Atlantis. He must step forward and lead his people against Orm, his half-brother.

Orm seeks to unite the seven underwater kingdoms and start the war against the surface world. It was a box office hit film that took the cinemas by storm. It was popular across the globe and received praise for the direction, adventurous tone, visuals, cinematography, sequences and the performances of the casts on top of it.

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