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Angry Birds Merchandise

Remember angry birds and the pigs? Well, you probably love it and have been addicted to it. We all do. Angry Birds is one of the most popular casual puzzle video game that was developed by Rovio Entertainment. It was inspired by the wingless birds and was first released for iOS devices in 2009.

As it clicks significantly on the market, the developer was forced to release more versions that can fit other systems such as Symbian, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices. It was entertaining and made for everyone in the family. Because of the popularity, it will not be a surprise to know that there is a lot of Angry Birds merchandise and we are proud to offer our collection to you.

We Offer a Wide Range of Angry Birds Clothing

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Angry Birds: The Gameplay

It was a unique and popular game that revolves around the players using the slingshot in order to launch the birds and target the pigs being stationed in different structures.

The primary goal of the game is to destroy or kill all the pigs from there. As the player will advance from one level to another, there are new types of birds available to use and comes with special abilities.

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Rovio Entertainment supported the game and had numerous free updated to include better game content. It became so addictive that it is now available in different versions. Additionally, there is also other media content released including animated film and series.

The Characters

Almost all of us fell in love with the characters of Angry Birds. Let us get to know them more below:

  • Red – Red is an outcast to the island of the cheeriest birds, hence named as the angriest bird.
  • Chuck – Chuck is fast and runs at 100 mph. He is quite impulsive, but can always get away in trouble because of his ability.
  • Bomb – Actually, Bomb can be the most chill bird and is often the favourite of many. Prepare to have a blast when you get him worked up!
  • Matilda – Matilda is a former angry bird but later on become the leader of anger management class on Bird Island.
  • The Pigs – They are not your usual piggies as they are green in color. They are very cheerful, loves to party and their dance moves are on point! They are the one who builds the structures to protect them against the angry birds.

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