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Collection: Adventure Time Merchandise

What time is it!? It’s Adventure Time! A well-loved duo, Finn and Jake take their whole adventure in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo. Together with other characters, Princess Bubblegum, Ice King, Vampire Queen, BMO and a whole lot more, they take part in short animation episodes that give us great stories about life and friendship. It is a well-loved series by Cartoon Network that is popular not only for kids but for adults as well!

With the recent conclusion of the series, you probably miss them so much that you couldn’t miss buying more of their merchandise. Good thing, here at PopGear, we offer you a full collection of Adventure Merchandise. Whether it is a shirt, a slipper or any other things you need – we’ve got you covered. Never miss Finn, Jake and other characters again.

We Offer a Wide Range of Adventure Time Clothing

When it comes to Adventure Time and any other character clothing, PopGear will be here for you! We are a one-stop shop of all the official merchandise that gives you great style. Our merchandise features your favourite characters from TV, music, films, games and other popular series today. We’ve got a great collection of homeware, footwear, and clothing as well.

We understand how much you want to keep up with your favourite brands and we make it possible! All of our designs are exclusive to our brand and something that you couldn’t find elsewhere.

What is Adventure Time?

“With Jake the Dog and Finn the Human, the fun will never end. It’s Adventure Time!” Did you sing it as well? It’s a very catchy song that would let you enjoy the series even more! These series consists of animated short episodes that are made by Pen Ward and his team. Each of the short episodes comes with off the wall jokes, comedy, funny fight scenes and others that will surely be only available at Adventure Time.

It’s full of humour that will let you want to watch the whole series over and over again. It shows about Finn, Jake and their friends going to the best adventure of their life. The background stories of each character may also play a bigger role in how you will view each of them. The look of the characters is also very distinguishable that is almost close to the stickman.

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Finn the Human and Jake the Dog

The main characters of the series, Finn the Human and his best buddy, Jake the Dog takes time to be part of a different adventure. Jake has magical powers that let him change his shape and size as well. The create of the series, and Pend Wanton stated that Finn is a fiery little kid that believes in his strong morals.

On the other hand, Jake is care-free and is always fun. The series lives in the Land of Ooo that was affected by the nuclear war thousands of years ago. As the series release more episodes, there are more than you’ll know about the characters and what happened years ago. Regardless, you may also love the other characters such as Ice King, Marceline the Vampire Queen, BMO, Lumpy Space, Flame Princess and more!

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Enjoy all your favourite Adventure Time merchandise with our extensive collection. We are recognised as one of the leading character merchandise suppliers in the UK that will give you almost everything you can think of such as t-shirts, hoodies, backpacks, slippers, and others. We offer you the chance to keep up with all your favourites or send it as a gift to your special someone.