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Rock bands are always fun! AC/DC is one of the favourites of many. They are an Australian rock band that was formed in Sydney in 1973. They are popular because of their members – Angus Young, Chris Slade, Stevie Young, and Axl Rose. If you’ve been a fan of this great band, then you’ll love their blues rock, hard rock, and heavy metal music. According to the brand, they are a rock and roll band, nothing more and nothing less.

Because of their passion for music and great songs, we are proud to have them on board as we offer their official merchandise! Yes, you’ve read it right. If you need AC/DC merchandise like shirts or even a rug, PopGear will be the first place you can visit. We’ve got a full collection that you can use in their next gig!

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Background and Name

Angus, Malcolm and George Young were born in Scotland. When the Big Freeze of 1963 happened, a TV advertisement offers to assist the families in transferring in Australia. The family left the country and move to a suburb of Burwood where George become friend with Harry Vanda, another migrant. George started to learn how to play the guitar and become a member of the Easybeats.

It is one of the most successful bands in Australia during the 1960s. Malcolm then followed and be part of the band, Velvet Underground. Angus and Malcolm had an idea of having a band’s name through the sewing machine of their system with AC/DC initials printed on it. This is an abbreviation which means alternating current/direct current electricity.

They felt that this name shows off the power of the band, energy and their overall love to music!

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Recognition of the Bad

AC/DC is one of the popular bands that become part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Aside from that, they have been recognized for other things like a street in Leganes was named after their band, hence called as Calle de AC/DC. Angus and Malcolm had attended the inauguration of this together with their fans, even though the plaque of appreciation was later stolen. They have been a successful band and have become an inspiration to many aspiring rock and roll bands today.

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