Jan 21 , 2020


Which Looney Tunes Character Are You?🌈

What's up doc?

Ever wondered which Looney Tunes character you are? Well here at Popgear we have put together a go to guide to determine which one of the Warner Brothers characters your personality falls under! Have a read of the below and find out which of the Looney Tunes gang your personality matches!

Bugs Bunny

Charismatic, fun-loving, forgetful and optimistic? Always forgetting your keys but finding the positive in everything? You'll be the much loved, carrot eating Bugs Bunny!


Tweety Pie

Witty, intelligent and agile? Are you constantly outsmarting people and offering your witty charm? Then this little yellow, big blue eyed bird is your personality match! 'I twat I taw a puddy cat'!

Daffy Duck

Loyal, comical, kind-hearted? Always up for a laugh, will always stick by your friends and family no matter what and everyone says you have a big heart? You are the iconic Daffy Duck of course!

Wile . E Coyote

Always hungry and out of luck? Do you always find yourself daydreaming about what your next meal is going to be? Well Wile. E Coyote is your man!


Proud, persistent and never wanting to give up? Where there's a will, there's a way! If this is your everyday mantra, then this Tweety Pie chasing cat resembles your character the most!

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