Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained During Lockdown - The Disney Edit

Apr 24 , 2020


Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained During Lockdown - The Disney Edit

With Schools and nurseries being closed and a lockdown in place until further notice parents are faced with a great challenge in keeping their kids entertained to prevent them reaching new peaks of boredom! With a lot of parents still working from home, balancing keeping the children educated, fit and entertained alongside their own work commitments may pose a few challenges!

Thankfully, we can always count on Disney to give the kids a few hours of entertainment and fun! Disney characters have forever been a family favourite and what better time to catch up with the Disney gang than now? We have put together several Disney activities that should hopefully help you through the lockdown and social distancing period…

Disney +

So if you haven’t already heard, Disney + are offering a free seven day trial! Here you can watch every single movie on the platform from iconic classics such as The Lion King, Beauty and The Beast, The Jungle Book through to hit movies from Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars as well as new originals. With all this entertainment in one place you can be sure to find a movie to watch for every night of lockdown!


Virtual Disney Rides on YouTube

If you can’t go to Disney World, why not bring Disney World to you, in the comfort of your own home! This awesome YouTube channel, ‘Virtual Disney World’ allows you to virtually experience all of your favourite attractions within a 360-degree video environment. This unique experience will most definitely light up the kids faces with them being able to relive the attractions and places they love at anytime!

From 360 degree experience on the ‘Splash Mountain’ from Magic Kingdom through to the 360 degree ride ‘Frozen Ever After’ at Epcot, you can be sure to find something for everyone in this exciting and immersive experience!

Disney Magic Moments

With many families looking for engaging and interactive activities to do together (Or apart!) trying to fill the time during lockdown, Disney have launched an official ‘Disney Magic Moments’ website where you can find fun and engaging Disney content, resources and stories right at your finger tips- and what’s better is that its all for free!

The website includes activities such as ‘Draw with Disney’ - this features several drawing tutorials designed for kids to learn how to draw their favourite Disney characters! From Simba, and Olaf through to Elsa and Ariel your little ones will be mini artists before you know it!


As well as this, there is a super cool ‘At Home with Olaf’ feature showing animations of the much-loved Olaf character from the iconic Frozen films. These animations have been created by the Disney animators and producers working remotely from their home- Cool right?

The amount of Disney themed activities are endless on this website from Crafts, puzzles, cooking recipes through to well known famous faces reading out their favourite Disney stories! Get those imaginations kick-started and see what fun you can discover over at Disney Magic Moments!

Plan Your Next Disney Trip!

With all of this extra time, why not use it to plan your next trip to the iconic Disney attractions! It might seem unlikely now, but travel will be happen again, the Disney Parks will re-open and we can all experience the magical world of Disney, appreciating it even more than ever before! 

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