Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Sep 15 , 2021


Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Today we will walk you through some interesting facts about Carnage, the focal point of the new movie Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Let's start by getting to know this character, one of the most dangerous antagonists in the history of Marvel Comics.

cletus kasady and carnage

How was Carnage born?

Carnage's character appeared for the first time in 1992's "The Amazing Spider-Man", issue 361. The origin of Carnage is…not very epic! Eddie Brock (Venom's host) and Cletus Kasady shared a prison cell, and when Brock is released, Venom unwittingly drops a piece of himself that "sticks" to Cletus. So, Carnage could be defined as Venom's son, as it emerges from his DNA.

What are its powers?

Like Venom, the Carnage of the comics is endowed with superhuman strength, stamina and speed. But, unlike Venom, it is resistant to sonic attacks - which are Venom’s Achille’s heel - and more vulnerable to heat instead.
However, the Carnage that we will meet in the movie, according to the statements of the director Andy Serkis, will have these two powers among many others that have not yet been revealed to us: for example, it can turn into fog and it can turn his body parts into tendrils at will. 😱

We also know that the movie character will reflect not only Carnage's dark side, but also his playfulness, cunning and strangeness, and the intelligence and sense of humour that it absorbs from its host, Cletus.


The natural question now is…who is Cletus Kasady?

Cletus Kasady did not have a happy childhood, as he had to live with his antisocial behaviour during the early years of his existence, and this problem has always affected him. As a child he murdered his grandmother and helplessly watched his dad do the same to his mother: that scarred him for life.
After being left alone without his parents he is sent to the "St. Estes Home for Boys" where he is constantly bullied: his experience at the institute is the starting point of his descent into total madness, leading to his merge with the alien entity of Carnage.

Carnage marvel comics

Cast and release date

After several dates announced, we finally have a definitive one: on October the 15th Venom: Let it be Carnage will be released in cinemas all over the world.

The cast will include: Tom Hardy (Eddie Brock / Venom), Michelle Williams (Anne Weying), Naomie Harris (Shriek), Woody Harrelson (Cletus Kasady / Carnage), Stephen Graham (Detective Mulligan), Reid Scott (Dr Dan Lewis), William W. Borbour (Sedan Driver).

If you haven't had the chance to watch the trailer yet, you can find it here.


We are so excited for this new Marvel release, what about you? 🤩

While we wait for the 15th of October, don’t forget to check out our Marvel merch here!


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