Things We’ve Seen In The Falcon & The Winter Soldier So Far

Apr 21 , 2021


Things We’ve Seen In The Falcon & The Winter Soldier So Far

Where, oh where do we start with The Falcon and The Winter Soldier? After everyone in the Popgear office finally got over the excitement of Wandavision, we never thought that Disney would be able to fill this void in our lives and, boy they did it well! Here’s a few things we have noted so far, ahead of the finale this week. SPOILERS ALERT!!

The very first words we hear in this series are spoken by Steve Rogers, and it's from the conversation Sam and Steve had in Avengers: Endgame. Along with Sam using the same bag for the shield that Steve used when he brought it to him in Endgame too? These small continuity details throughout the series, makes us Marvel fans scream at the screen for more!

The show is staying so true to the stories in the comic book and, it’s these details too which are being picked up on by so many fans. We learn that Karli Morgenthau is the leader of the Flag Smashers. In the Captain America comics, the Flag Smashers are led by Karl Morgenthau, who wanted to rid the world of national rule. 

Sam also uses Redwing a lot while fighting in the sky, and in the comics, Redwing is actually the name of Sam's falcon who he shares a telepathic link with.

Then to add to that, Sam in Episode 5 tells Joaquin to keep the Falcon wings. This is HUGE as in the comics, Joaquin eventually takes up the Falcon after becoming his sidekick.

Let's have a look at the list Bucky made too:

Rostov is a reference to the Red Barbarian, who put Bucky in prison in the comics. Zemo is Helmut Zemo (main villain in Civil War). And Kaminski references Len Kaminski, a Marvel comic writer who worked on stories featuring Sam Wilson.

A massive theory that is out on the internet and in a LOT of blogs is that we are being introduced to most of the Young Avengers during this phase of the MCU. While he's not mentioned by name in the episode, we meet Isaiah's grandson, Eli, and in the comics, Eli goes by Patriot and he's a member of the Young Avengers. Alongside Eli, we met Billy and Tommy in WandaVision and Cassie Lang in Ant-Man. Meanwhile, Kate Bishop will appear in Hawkeye and America Chavez will be in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. THIS IS GENIUS!!! 


And finally (we love a post-credits scene) John Walker trying to make his own Captain America shield mirrors Tony building the Iron Man suit in Iron Man

And one final point… Madam Hydra?!! WHAT?! Well done Disney, you’re making these Marvel fans very excited! 

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier is available now on Disney+.

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