Loki: The 2021 Disney+ TV Series is almost over

Jul 14 , 2021


Loki: The 2021 Disney+ TV Series is almost over



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Today’s the day another great MCU adventure ends: Loki’s journey towards being a “better version of himself”. Some of you may still have to dive into the finale, so why not dig up the easter eggs we found in the 5th and penultimate episode?

Get ready because there are plenty of hidden clues that will lead us (perhaps) to understand the future or past events of the saga!

Journey into Mystery

The title of this 5th episode is already a double reference:

- Loki makes his debut in the comics of Thor 'Journey into Mystery';

- The comic 'Journey into the Mystery' is the one where we meet Kid Loki.

We meet both versions of in the Disney+ TV series.


Do you remember that cloud of smoke that resembles a 'dragon'? It’s Alioth, the first cartoon character to have managed to escape the constraints of time! He’s is also known as 'Temporal Limbo', and one of the main enemies of Kang the Conqueror (Ant-man's main villain character).

'Landfill of the TVA '

The 'Landfill of the TVA ' is a place where all Variants are sent to be destroyed by Alioth. We encounter many interesting objects and places:

- What looks like the Living Tribunal, a humanoid entity that exists to safeguard the Multiverse from external forces imbalances;

- The 'Dark Aster', Ronan's ship from the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”;

- A S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier;

- The helmet of Yellowjacket, Ant-Man’s film sworn enemy;

- The Thanos Copter, a real treat for Marvel comics lovers, first appeared in #39 of 'Spidey Super Stories'

- The Sancta Sanctorum of Doctor Strange;

…aaand do you want us to go on? Can you find more?

The Bunker

When the four Variants of Loki and our Tom Hiddleston version reach the bunker, we notice some really interesting hidden objects, like Thor's hammer, Throg, a character from the “Pet Avengers” comics, closed in a 'T365' can, the number of the comic where it appears in (voiced by Chris Hemsworth).

We also notice Roxxiwine, a Roxxcorp production, marking the second time RoxxCorp makes an appearance in this series.

We can also spot a very cunning reference to Captain Hook, when Alligator Loki takes off the hand of President Loki (Hook and Loki both have to face time-related issues).

Mobius is back

When, to everyone’s relief, Mobius comes to Sylvie’s rescue, he’s seen driving a Pony Pizza van, a clear reference to Toy Story’s 'Pizza Planet'. The Hula Girl that we met in ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ and ‘WandaVision’ can also be seen perched on the Pony Pizza van’s dashboard.

Attack on Alioth

Last but not least, the two most characteristic scenes of this episode that refer to Loki’s comics:

- Lævateinn: Loki’s favourite weapon, a fire sword, is handed to by Kid Loki;

- Classic Loki: now, don’t tell us you didn’t love this scene more than anything else in the World, we won’t believe you! Classic Loki shows us all his power by recreating the illusion of Asgard… it really left us speechless! We felt like we were dreaming for a moment there! He was, however, destroyed by Alioth, but… was he? What do you think?

Classic loki attacks Alioth


Now, the last episode is live and we're just getting comfy and cozy on the couch to dive in; we suggest you do the same before that Social Media friend spoils it for you in their live stories!

Oh, did you know they just confirmed we can expect a second season? YAY!!!

If you read this far, we assume you’re a huge Marvel movies and TV series fan too, so why not take a look at our huge range of Marvel merchandise? We’re sure you’ll love it!

See you soon! 🖖

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