International Dance Day - Top 5 Dance Moments

Apr 28 , 2021


International Dance Day - Top 5 Dance Moments

In any movie, dance scenes are used when all dialogue fails. When happiness can’t be expressed in any other way than jumping around, when lovers need to move beyond conversation, when no words can do a moment justice. 

In honour of International Dance Day, we at Popgear have been reminiscing about our favourite dance scenes on screen, be it movies or TV shows. Here’s our Top 5:

1. Dirty Dancing “I’ve Had The Time of My Life” (1987)

Is there any moment more iconic in dance scene history than THE LIFT? We challenge you to convince us otherwise!

2. Singing in the Rain, “Singing in the Rain” (1952)

Arguably just as iconic, the titular number from Singing In The Rain is a Gene Kelley classic. How many of us have not recreated the street lamp moment on a rainy day while happy? We certainly have at least once!

3. Friends, “The Routine” (1999)

The Routine is one of our favourite dance moments from Friends! Not only is it absolutely hilarious, but also proves once and for all how uncool Ross and Monica were growing up.

4. West Side Story, “America” (1961)

West Side Story definitely has a lot of amazing dance scenes, but for us “America” definitely takes the cake. The dance moves, the atmosphere, the lyrics make for a truly magnificent scene! 

5. Pulp Fiction, Jack Rabbit Slims Twist Contest (1994)

Bet before watching Pulp Fiction you never expected to see a dance scene in a violent crime film, right? The somewhat improvised scene between Uma Thurman and John Travolta has become one of the most iconic scenes in the movie, besides being very odd and funny!


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