Dec 16 , 2019


Experience Augmented Reality with Minecraft Earth! 🎮🔨⛏

What is Minecraft?

If you, your little one or someone you know is an avid gamer, then you are bound to of heard of Minecraft! Popular to both kids and adults, Minecraft is a Lego style adventure game which was released back in 2011. Since its release its popularity has grown massively, and it now has more than 91 million Minecraft gamers around the world. The game focuses on putting players in a computer-generated world, where they can construct their own buildings out of a range of textured cubes.

The game features two main gaming modes; ‘Survival and Creative’. In the survival mode players need to find their own building materials and food. They also need to find resources to make tools whilst at the same time, avoid the Mobs, which come in the form of large spiders and zombies. Not all the ‘Mobs’ are a threat to the gamer, such as the animal Mobs, which can be used for food and building supplies. Players also need to avoid drowning or falling into lava and must ensure they have built their house by nightfall to avoid the mean mob monsters!

Playing in the ‘Creative mode’ means players are given supplies to build and are also given the ability to fly! Players have the advantage of roaming freely however, building is only allowed in specific areas depending on which supplies are being used to build it! The main aim of this gaming mode is to encourage creativity when it comes to using different objects to build.

Minecraft isn’t based on points; its objective is to simply build as much as possible to survive!

The Launch of Minecraft Earth

Just over a month ago Minecraft launched its latest edition; Minecraft Earth! The new addition to the Minecraft world is a location based augmented reality game available for iOS 10+ and Adroid 8+ devices.

With Minecraft Earth, users can use their smartphone to build creations anywhere they like! Other Minecraft Earth gamers can then hold up their phone and view them on the app! This game isn’t just restricted to one user at a time- you can team up with your gaming buddies to make building block creations together and then view your masterpieces after, on your tablet or phone!

Building doesn’t just have to be done on location – you can work on building your creation at home and then place it in its chosen location after! There will also be an adventure and collection feature to the game too, with the capability to fight mobs, placed in by the game or other players. Once found, you can then too, place your own mobs into the Minecraft earth augmented reality world!

Download the Minecraft game for IOS or Android here.

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