Mulan: Everything you Need to Know About Disney's Upcoming Live Action Film 🗡

Mar 11 , 2020


Mulan: Everything you Need to Know About Disney's Upcoming Live Action Film 🗡

Following the success of Disney’s long-running history of bringing their iconic tales to life through animation and music, Disney are back with a Live Action Mulan film. Disney’s upcoming live-action Mulan is set to be a full-scale martial arts epic which aims to position itself away from its animated classic that the live action remakes that have come before.

Wondering what the upcoming Mulan has to offer? We’ve got you covered with everything we know so far on what to expect for the upcoming live-action Mulan film.

When Is Mulan’s Release Date?

When a live-action Mulan was originally announced back in 2015, it was given a November 2018 release date. The film has since moved at a slower pace and was pushed back a full year and half. Mulan is now set to take on movie theatres on March 27th, 2020. With 2019 being jam-packed with incredible live-action Disney releases and the remake of the 90’s classics; The Lion King and Aladdin being released over last summer, it’s clever timing to release Mulan in March.

Will Mulan Be A Musical?

Disney animated classics such as Mulan are always remembered by their catchy and memorable songs and Mulan’s famous songs ‘Reflection’ and ‘I’ll Make a Man Out of You’ are great sing-a-long classics. Director of the film Niki Caro originally announced there would be no songs in the live-action Mulan and fans were not happy! Caro later confirmed that music will feature in the movie, but we are currently unsure as to whether we will expect to hear the whole soundtrack, just a few of the iconic songs or perhaps even some new songs!

Who Will Play Mulan?

After Disney set out to conduct a year long search, travelling across five different continents and meeting nearly 1000 candidates, Chinese star Liu Yifei  (Crystal Liu) landed the role of Hua Mulan. The actress has had a career in both China and America as an actress, model and brand ambassador. Liu has already starred in Hollywood films, which consist of 2008’s Forbidden Kingdom alongside Jet Li and Jackie Chan.

Will Mushu Be In the Mulan Live Action?

Let’s face it- What’s a Disney musical without an entertaining, witty and cute animal sidekick to help the main heroic character along their journey? Mulan’s 1998 film featured her sidekick as a pocket-sized dragon named Mushu who was Mulan’s spirit guardian and was voiced by the iconic Eddie Murphy. While fans have been hoping that Mushu will appear in a dragon suit, we don’t know a great deal about Mushu’s role in the live-action Mulan but we do know the loveable dragon will reportedly feature in the film- a voice for the dragon has not been cast, or may just not of been revealed?

Why is there no Li Shang in the Mulan Live-Action?

Li Shang will be nowhere to be seen in the Mulan remake. A casting call notice detail the characters in the new film but left off Mulan’s love interest Li Shang. Instead they listed Chen Honghui. Disney has since confirmed he will replace Li Shang as Mulan’s new love interest for the Live Action film.

What is the Storyline of Mulan Live Action?

The main story of the Live Action Mulan film will follow the one we are all familiar with – a young Mulan who disguises herself as a male warrior, to take her fathers place as an aim to save him. Mulan will be taking a different direction in terms of changing quite a few key elements that were in the 1998 film, which isn’t the usual when comparing to Disney’s other live-action remakes.

The storyline will not feature Li Shang and Mulan falling in love with him- she will instead be fighting off a witch and discovers a new love interest in a fellow soldier in her unit There will also be a new commander character specifically created for the film to act as her mentor.

Who Will Direct Mulan?

The director for the Live action film was found in early 2017 with New Zealand filmmaker Niki Caro. Niki Caro has gained success through her work on Whale Rider in 2002, North Country in 2005 and more recently the Zookeeper’s Wife in 2017. Caro becomes the second female director to be hired by Disney to direct a movie, and her experience and creativity combined with her female view is a great benefit to directing such a female focused tale.

 Mulan Live Action Trailer


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