Doctor Strange 2 - All characters in the trailer

May 06 , 2022


Doctor Strange 2 - All characters in the trailer

If we explore the Multiverse in this second Marvel movie about Doctor Strange, who knows what surprises await us!

For now, we only know that it will be Marvel's first horror film, although of course it will have its limitations as many children will go and watch it, although many of the lucky ones who were invited to preview of the movie have already declared that it is not exactly a film suitable for children.

Looking at the released trailers from first to last, we can see that many characters have been revealed, and they are quite important too! If you missed the trailers, we warn you that this article contains spoilers.

Let's start with the characters who have already appeared in the first Doctor Strange movie:

- Doctor Stephen Strange (obviously) and four other versions: 'Sinister Strange', 'Defender Strange', 'Zombie Strange' and 'Supreme Strange' (already appeared in 'What If ...?);

- Karl Mordo who like Strange, was a pupil of the Ancient One, will probably be one of the Sorcerer's enemies at this turn;

- Wong, who as we saw in the latest Spiderman movie, became Sorcerer Supreme after Doctor Strange's disappearance caused by Thanos' snap. He too will have a variant in the film called 'Defender Wong';

- Christine Palmer ex-colleague and ex-girlfriend of Doctor Strange;

- Wanda Maximoff who will be contacted by Doctor Strange after her 'adventure' in Westview. There will be a zombie version of her (already seen in 'What If ...?') along with many others;

- Billy and Tommy, the two sons of Wanda Maximoff and Vision who disappeared at the end of Wanda Vision.


These were the characters already known and loved by us, now let's see the new ones:

- America Chavez, played by actress Xochitl Gomez, is a girl with the power to travel between dimensions and is also known as Miss America. Being a declared homosexual character, caused some controversy in many countries;

- Nicodemus West, a rival surgeon of Stephen Strange;

- Gargantos, a monster already appeared in Marvel comics but with the name of Shuma-Gorath;

- Rintrah, a minotaur-like student of Kamar-Taj;

- The Living Tribunal, a cosmic entity charged with controlling the Marvel Multiverse;

- The Illuminati, a group that in the comics has worked in the shadows for years to pull the strings of the Marvel Universe. Professor Charles Xavier will be part of it, here again played by Patrick Stewart.


What do you think will happen in this film? Will Wanda, or rather, Scarlet Witch, be the main enemy of this film?

We greet you with this question and hope to see you in the next article!

The Popgear Team

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