Jan 13 , 2020


Baby Yoda - A Worldwide Phenomenon! 🤖

The child aka baby Yoda may be decades old, but that doesn’t make him any less adorable! Star Wars and Disney fans have been going crazy for the internet’s latest star!

‘The Mandalorian’ is Star Wars latest series which is exclusive to the Disney + streaming service and its grabbing the attention of many, not just because of its story lines, but also due to the big-eared, big-eyed Yoda character who has been swarming the internet in the form of hilarious and relateable memes!

Who is Baby Yoda?

Baby Yoda’s official name is The Child, but since media coverage and the internet attention, his name is more commonly known as Baby Yoda. He is a member of the same alien species as Yoda, the iconic character from the Star Wars films but is not a younger version of Yoda. The character was created by The Mandalorian series creator Jon Favreau. The character developed from early conversations between Favreau and Dave Filoni with the aim to explore the mystery around Yoda and his species.

The pair started doodling The Child on napkins and the visual concept for the internet sensation began to take place!

The child is filmed using animatronics and a puppetry technique and is further enhanced by using computer generated imagery. Two technicians control the puppet and operates the eyes and mouth and the other control the facial expressions- cool right?!


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