5 Times 'The Flash' wasn't Number 1

Aug 11 , 2021


5 Times 'The Flash' wasn't Number 1

Today let's talk about DC Comics - specifically about 'The Flash' and the 5 DC characters who embarrassingly outran him!

The Flash DC Comics

Before we start...

How fast is The Flash? There’s actually an answer to this question! Barry Allen - that’s the name under the mask - can run 2,532 miles per hour... WOW!

Having said that, let’s take a look at the 5 characters whose skills helped them overcome The Flash himself:

5) Bart Allen

Bart Allen was born with superpowers (super speed, for the record) and as The Flash number 4, he was able to fully absorb the Speed Force, and run at speeds that went far beyond Barry’s (his grandfather) when he first wore the suit. Bart Allen was also related to Eobard Thawne (check No.1 👇). He was actually faster than The Flash! 😲

4) Iris West II

Iris West II Dc Comics

Iris West II is the daughter of Wally West (Kid Flash). Together with her twin brother Jay, she develops her powers at the tender age of three months. Still unable to fully control their powers, the twins continue to mature rapidly until Iris loses control after being kidnapped by Gorilla Grodd. This unexpected twist leads her to adulthood in a very short time span.

As Wally realises his kids are grown-ups, he introduces them to the source of their speed, the Speed Force, they bond with it; however, when Eobard Thawne interrupts the flow of time, both twins experience excruciating pain. Iris doesn’t want her brother to suffer, so she absorbs his powers as well, becoming so fast as to match Barry Allen in speed, and becoming more knowledgeable than him about the Speed Force.

3) Daniel West

Danny, the younger brother of Iris West (not Iris West II), is known for having attacked his father, and serves five years in prison.

While trying to escape the Rogues (a group of evil people), Danny was hit by a monorail powered by a Speed Force battery. That’s how he gained the super speed power: from the impact.

This new ability was not enough to make him travel back in time, and he really wanted to recover the relationship with his sister, lost when he attacked his father. So, Danny takes the powers of all the other sprinters, but although he manages to beat Barry in a race, he’s still unable to go back in time.
After losing to Danny in the infamous race, Barry convinces him to give up his powers.

Despite his super speed deriving from a battery, Danny West was a big threat to The Flash!

2) Wally West

It took Wally a long time to live up to Barry's legacy.

As a regular sprinter, Wally learned how to draw his power directly from the Speed Force by crafting a suit with the energy of the Speed Force. While Barry Allen initially struggled to escape this mysterious power, Wally was always able to enter and leave it as and when needed.

Wally is close to Barry's level, despite becoming a sprinter only recently. The time he spent trapped within the Speed Force has really improved his bond with the source of all speeds.

1) Eobard Thawne

 Eobard Thawne Dc Comics

A big fan of Barry Allen, Thawne travels in the past only to discover that an evil alternate version of himself has defeated all the inhabitants who stood against him, including his hero. Thawne soon realises that The Flash is destined to be his worst enemy.

Shocked by this discovery and out of his mind, he develops the Negative Speed Force, which steals the energy of the Speed Force and allows him to stop time and travel through ages of his own free will.
Thawne's knowledge of the Speed Force and complete disregard for the consequences of his actions will always give him an edge, and make him the most feared antagonist in the eyes of The Flash.

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